Festival Beauty Vol 2: Maintenance

In this second instalment of our festival beauty headliners, we’re talking about maintenance. Perhaps less fun, but equally as important as the application of your masterpiece; ensuring it doesn't smear off within two minutes is crucial.


To help you survive the mess of a festival, we’ve compiled a list of hardcore and reliable products, ranging from primers to sealants, to keep your face in place. With these handy items in tow, you can focus on enjoying the music - or a sloppy slice of pizza - and emerging the other side as gorgeous as ever!


Slapp Festival Makeup Maintenance Makeup Sealers 

Lipcote - The Original Lipstick Sealer - (£3.99 - Superdrug)

If you haven’t been under a rock for the last seventy years, you’ve likely heard of Lipcote. This stuff is potent. When your lipstick (liner, matte, cream, or liquid) has settled, unscrew this little tube and lacquer your lips with the sealant. Allow it to dry with lips slightly parted, to avoid disrupting the adhesive. Once it dries you are guaranteed a day of transfers, fading, or smudge-free lips.


Slapp Festival Makeup Maintenance Makeup Sealers 

Browcote - Waterproof Brow Sealer (£6.99 - Superdrug)

What about brows? Well obviously these makeup geniuses thought of that too. With a teeny tiny spoolie brush inside a handy tube that is begging to become a makeup kit go-to, newcomer Browcote, is a brow sealant to be brushed on after you’ve applied your signature shape, with whichever product you prefer. Long-lasting and totally waterproof, this sealant will keep your brows ready for the British weather, even if the rest of you might not be…


Slapp Festival Makeup Maintenance Makeup Sealers 

The Ordinary - High-Adherence Silicone Primer (£3.90 - My Matches/Deciem)

Taking it back to square one, we all need a primer if we’re planning to put our skin through the obstacle course of glitter, shimmer, and bedazzlement. This primer holds on and doesn’t let go - a true team player! Its formula is nut, alcohol, and oil free, as well as being vegan; and it works like a charm. Containing silicone technology, it acts as an adherent for your makeup and gives other products something to settle onto; all whilst remarkably smoothing the texture of your face. At such fantastic value for money, this is a festival prep kit must-have.


Slapp Festival Makeup Maintenance Makeup Sealers 

e.l.f - Studio Illuminating Mist & Set (£5 - e.l.f )

Because this contains shimmering qualities- thanks to delicate light-reflecting particles- this setting spray was made for festival beauty, and is perfect for glitter lovers. Why choose an everyday matte setting spray when there’s additional fun to be had? A layer of shimmer that doubles as a setting agent is almost too good to be true, but e.l.f. has provided this lovely gem. Made with Vitamins A, C, and E, the formula is sweet to skin and subtly illuminating. Best part is, with such a handy size this is truly travel friendly.



Slapp Festival Makeup Maintenance Makeup Sealers  

Charlotte Tilbury - Wonderglow Primer (£38.50 - My Matches / Charlotte Tilbury)

In order to slay the sun-kissed glow you need a product that illuminates and enhances your skin. Reach for this Charlotte Tilbury holy grail! Leaving your skin beautifully lit and eye-catching, all while priming for a full face of makeup, this creamy primer nails luminescence. You can truly have the best of both worlds: keeping your look rock-steady and long-lasting, with a wash of otherworldly beauty.

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