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Our 5 Favourite Beauty Bloggers on Youtube - 2016

Youtubers, Vloggers, Beauty Bloggers, whatever you call them, their increasing importance can't be denied- and we're hooked. There's definitely no shortage of Vloggers, which can make it hard to know where to start, or who to watch; So we've created a list of our current Top 5. These guys not only crack us up, but they are all really different, all amazing at making themselves up and are all brutally honest; which considering their following and influence, is highly commendable. 

Kathleen Lights

Best Makeup Youtube Vloggers to Watch

Kathleen Lights was the first YouTuber we fell in love with. She kind of reminds us of a young J-Lo; she's gorgeous and her voice is bloody cool. She is super honest and her collection is EPIC. She's a total pro and a megastar, but still so down to earth; and her makeup is always on point. Yeah we have a girl crush.



Too Much Mouth

Too Much Mouth Best Makeup Vloggers YouTube 

We love Too Much Mouth for her Foundation Hunt series. Representing dark skinned girls the world over, Too Much Mouth is brutally honest, extremely witty and super cute. She's basically a make-up detective and we find her scepticism so refreshing. She's a total dude. 



Tori Sterling

Tori Sterling YouTube Best Beauty Vloggers 

Tori Sterling is a high school student and is super cute, but don't let her sweetness fool you, she's pretty badass; and really hilarious. Just listening to her ramble on is really funny, but she gives good beat too. She taught us about Finsta and for that we will be eternally grateful.



The Plastic Boy

The Plastic Boy YouTube Makeup Vloggers 

We absolutely adore The Plastic Boy. Stunning and super sweet, he's one of those rare finds. His videos are hilarious and he never edits out the bad/funny bits, which makes us adore him more. If you like your highlighter fleeky, he is your go to guy. We also forgot to mention, that he was the first male face of L'Oreal. All hail.




Zoya Khaliq

Zoya Khaliq Makeup Artist YouTube Favourite Bloggers 

Zoya Khaliq is a London girl through and through and we love her for it. Her video of her kit, is insane and so helpful. The make-up artist and ex M.A.C girl is jokes and so down to earth. She's kind of like your best mate, who's got great hair, is amazing at make-up and will sort you out.


She also loves L.A Girl.  

If you've got any additions, let us know.

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