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Top 5 Glitter Eyeshadows, Pots and Pigments

Top 5 Glitter Eyeshadows

Celebrate the last days of summer with a heavy dose of glitter.

When it comes to spicing up an eye look, glitter is a great quick fix. But finding a good glittery formula is harder than one might think. They need to be super shiny without being chunky and hard to apply; and most importantly, shine!

This Summer, these 5 multi-taskers have been top of our list.

Lemonhead Spacepaste

Slapp Top 5 Glitter Eye Shadows

If you love glitter, you will love these opaque glitter gels, which are extremely easy to apply and take the headache out of glitter. Simply smooth on with one motion, allow a few seconds to dry, and get the most insane foiled look of your life.

Slapp Top 5 Glitter Eye Shadows


Glisten Cosmetics Bio Glitter Gel

Slapp Top 5 Glitter Eye Shadows

These jelly pots are similar to Lemonhead, but cheaper and from a UK-based company, which makes ordering them much easier.

Slapp Top 5 Glitter Eye Shadows

There’s more variation in particle size and have a less opaque finish, so these work better, as a highlight or topcoat, rather than completely alone.


Stila Glitter & Glow

Slapp Top 5 Glitter Eye Shadows

For a slightly more refined take on a glittery eye, these are totally stunning. They’re almost like a foiled liquid eyeshadow which is also packed with glitter, making them the easiest one-step statement eye on earth.

Slapp Top 5 Glitter Eye Shadows

Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadow

Slapp Top 5 Glitter Eye Shadows

For those who want a more traditional eyeshadow experience, the Moondusts are fantaastic and an easy go to. They tend to be semi sheer in terms of coloured pigment, but heavy on the reflect, which gives a sheer, almost glossy look to lids.

Slapp Top 5 Glitter Eye Shadows

ELF - Pop Of Glitter Gel 

Slapp Top 5 Glitter Eye Shadows

If you’re broke as a joke, that shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice the true joy of a glittery eye. Thankfully, cheap but eminently cheerful brand ELF save the day with these gorgeously reflective, glistening gels.

Slapp Top 5 Glitter Eye Shadows

They give perhaps a slightly more sheer effect than an expensive counterpart, but get the job done. The Rose Gold shade is super pretty on all eye colours.

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