About us

Slapp is the makeup app that matches you to the: foundations, concealers and powders that are right for you.
You can finally find your shade: wherever you are, whenever you want.  
-Created by fashion and beauty journalist Jamila Robertson, Slapp is on a mission to make shopping for makeup as easy and inclusive as possible.
We only match to brands that cater to all skin tones, and we only match to the best products, from the ones that do.
So how does it work?
Download Slapp on iOS or Android, take a selfie and instantly shop in your shade, across the world's best beauty brands.
And we're adding to our roster of brands all the time!
For something that we buy as a beauty staple, shopping for complexion makeup is still too difficult. We don't always have the time, inclination, or the option: to visit a department store every time we want to get a new product, in the right shade.
With Slapp, you can shop around, on the go and know exactly which shade you'll be.
Take a Selfie, to Shop in Your Shade.
Download the App on iOS or Android.
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More about the Founder:

Slapp was created by Jamila Robertson, to promote brands that cater to all skin tones, whilst making foundation (and other complexion cosmetics) easier to shop for.

As a teenager, Jamila found it impossible to find foundation that suited her complexion. 

She created Slapp so that women all over the world, could shop for complexion cosmetics that were right for them; and to take away the guesswork that still goes into buying foundation, both on and off-line.

Jamila graduated with an MA in Fashion Journalism from the London College of Fashion. After completing her MA, she worked as a consultant at BOY London and assisted Charlotte Stockdale at Chaos Fashion and I-D. 

Later, she launched the digital beauty magazine Blush London. 

Attending launches as the Editor of Blush, and as a Contributor for CR Fashion Book and Grazia Magazine, Jamila was constantly reminded of how the industry was still behind in providing a diverse range of products, for every skin tone. 

Often told by some brands that they 'couldn’t' make shades for darker skin tones, or that they’d be “coming soon”; she decided to take action and when she launched Slapp promised to only champion brands that championed everyone.