• Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago aka Bad Blogger

    Elvira is one of the most beautiful people you’ll ever meet and as lovely on the inside as she is on the out. Graceful, edgy and oozing with kindness, Elvira has the best style, so we just knew we had to interview her for our next Slapp Chat. With the launch of her female focused biannual newspap... View Post
  • 5 Awesome Bronzers For All Skin Tones

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  • Top 5 Summer Proof Mascaras

    Summer is here, and with it a much higher propensity towards the dreaded panda-eyes. But wearing mascara really is the best way to immediately look more flirty and cute. So what’s a gal to do? Summer proof mascaras of course. Mascaras that won’t smudge or sweat off even in the most makeup unfrien... View Post
  • Slapp Chat with Patricia Manfield aka HEIR

    She’s our muse, girl crush and all round fashion killa- so we were absolutely floored when she agreed to a Slapp Chat.  Her stage name is Heir and this singer/songwriter/model/muse is set to soundtrack your summer.Born in Russia and raised in Italy, Patricia Manfield is an Insta OG, counting Cal... View Post
  • The problem with the new Dior beauty line. (Only kidding. Kind of)

    So if you follow Slapp, every now and then I’ll rant about Dior and their lack of inclusivity in our Stories (@slappldn). I wrote this after placing my online order for the new Dior Backstage Foundation.  I was beyond happy at the announcement, and remain eager and excited to try it. But as I wa... View Post
  • Is the ASOS Makeup Range Any Good?

    ASOS has long been a workhorse in the modern woman’s wardrobe. Their huge range, easy to navigate site and speedy delivery make them a reliably good choice for both party looks and everyday essentials. As they’ve seemingly mastered affordable fashion, the natural next step was beauty. What starte... View Post
  • Our Top 5 Body Glow Products

    As summer rolls around, formerly hidden body parts emerge, blinking, into the sunlight. Luckily, a new category of products are giving winter limbs, collarbones and shoulders the quick fix they need. We’re talking body glow, and we’re not just talking Fenty (even though we kind of are) Best for a... View Post
  • The Best Looks from the Met Ball 2018

    Is it just us, or was this the best Met Ball yet? The theme for fashion’s biggest red carpet was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination and boy did it inspire our favourite stars. There were those that opted for full on regalia: Rihanna and Cardi we're looking at you; those that ... View Post