• Pucker Up: It’s Party Season

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  • Slapp Chat with Dior Bediako: Founder and Director of Pepper Your Talk

    Getting your first job within the fashion industry can be an exhausting process, but 26-year-old Dior Bediako is determined to change that. Her company, Pepper Your Talk was created with a vision to help inspire young fashion creatives by making networking more fun and more accessible. She’s a fr... View Post
  • Contouring Without the Kit: Perfect Products for Your Skin Tone

    When it comes to contouring, choosing colours based on your skin tone is essential. If you’re contouring for the first time, it’s difficult to know where to start. Even though many tutorials make it look complex, contouring can be really easy and doesn’t necessarily require a special kit. Using d... View Post
  • Slapp Chat with Sofie Golding-Spittle, Casting Director

    Meet Sofie; drop-dead-gorgeous mum of one, film buff with determination for days, and casting director for Zimmermann Casting. Sofie’s job sees her hand-picking new talent and shaping the face of the films and TV shows we love… looking amazing while acing it isn’t a job requirement, but she just ... View Post
  • High-Street Makeup Worth Buying

    As makeup junkies, we’re all guilty of splashing out on overpriced high-end products we don’t necessarily need, but desperately want because they’re pretty, or must be good for the price? In recent years, we’ve pushed our makeup snobbery aside and embraced the fact that sometimes, high street pro... View Post
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  • Slapp Chat with Emilie Louizides, Makeup Artist

    She's been featured in Wonderland and assisted superstar MUA Erin Parsons, for Harper’s Bazaar, Teen Vogue and Interview Magazine; but, most recently, Emilie Louizides collaborated with Slapp, to mastermind looks for our Festival Beauty campaign. Highly educated, driven and explorative in her wor... View Post