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Beauty chat

  • Slapp Chat with Patricia Manfield aka HEIR

    She’s our muse, girl crush and all round fashion killa- so we were absolutely floored when she agreed to a Slapp Chat.  Her stage name is Heir and this singer/songwriter/model/muse is set to soundtrack your summer.Born in Russia and raised in Italy, Patricia Manfield is an Insta OG, counting Cal... View Post
  • Slapp Chat with Salwa Rahman aka @urgalsal_

    As you know by now, we love to chat with inspiring women making waves in their respective industries. Salwa Rahman, is a makeup blogger and enthusiast, whose daily looks brighten up our Insta feed, and empower and embolden us with each post. Doing the UK proud by effortlessly displaying the versa... View Post
  • Slapp Chat with... Wendy Asumadu

    52 posts in and Wendy Asumadu is already making waves on Instagram. Loved for her creative use of colour and up-close candid shots, Wendy has helped us reimagine what we do with our palettes and has us hankering after festival season with every post. Fearlessly eccentric and an advocate of self-l... View Post