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Foundation Match

  • The problem with the new Dior beauty line. (Only kidding. Kind of)

    So if you follow Slapp, every now and then I’ll rant about Dior and their lack of inclusivity in our Stories (@slappldn). I wrote this after placing my online order for the new Dior Backstage Foundation.  I was beyond happy at the announcement, and remain eager and excited to try it. But as I wa... View Post
  • Our Top Picks for a Full SPF Face

     It’s increasingly crucial to make sure we protect our skin. Whilst tans are lovely, it’s still smart to bring out the sunscreen, if only to keep your skin supple and wrinkle free. Here is a list of the key components to your usual base makeup; they’re pretty, lightweight, and are all high in SPF... View Post
  • 5 Foundations that are Perfect for Spring

    Spring is here and It's finally time to swap that heavy foundation for something lighter. The key to a strong Spring look, is colour and glow; which is why we’re currently going mad for highlighter and blush. Although it’s fun to focus on the bells and whistles, a beautiful base, which works to p... View Post