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Lip Lingerie

  • Slapp On Holiday: Island Edition

    Borneo is the largest island in Asia. It’s home to rainforests, mountains, white-sand beaches and some fantastic food. Also - it’s hot. Sweating-off-suncream-hot, cream-lipsticks-might-melt-hot. For a British girl this heat is unreal, and for a representative of Slapp on this globetrotting excu... View Post
  • Our Top 5 Makeup Dupes, from Lip Kits to Mascara

    There are times when the degree of pampering you deserve just isn’t possible, and although we want to permanently live in spas, sipping on champagne, sometimes a girl’s just got to make do! We can help you out there. Makeup is a luxury that can be the most perfect, extravagantly crafted thing on ... View Post