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7 Of The Weirdest Makeup Hacks That Really Do Work

A quick internet search for makeup hacks can turn up all sorts of dubious information, from melting your eyeliner by lighting it on fire, to using a needle to achieve maximum lash separation. Yet amongst things possibly best left to those with a death wish, there are some interesting and worthwhile tips out there. Here are seven low-risk and high-reward makeup hacks to try.

Jelly Powder As Lip Stain

Jelly Powder as lipstick tint makeup hack
In a lipstick emergency, you can stain your lips red or pink (or green if that’s your thing) using jelly powder. Simply lick your finger, dip in and rub the mixture over lips. It’ll taste pretty potent, but the cute watercolour effect will last all day.

Lash Primer In Eyebrows

Urban decay eye primer on brows makeup hack

If you crave the bushy browed look but were not genetically blessed in that department, put mascara primer through your eyebrows before filling them in. It means no hair, no matter how tiny, gets left behind, and adds bulk and hold to the overall structure.

Turn Lipstick Into Cream Blush

lipstick as blush makeup hack

If you’re struggling to match your blush to your lipstick, this one’s for you. Simply scribble a bit of the lipstick onto the back of your hand, add a smidge of thick moisturiser (Weleda Skin Food is perfect) and mix. Dab onto your apples and voila! Dewy, plumped up and perfectly colour coordinated cheeks.

Rizla As Blotting Paper

blotting paper rizla makeup hack

Having an oily moment with no handy drugstore in sight? Simply head into a newsagents for a packet of 30p Rizla and dab away. In fact, Rizla are so much cheaper that they might be a worthwhile alternative to blotting paper even when not in an emergency.

Eye Drops As Mixing Medium

eyedrops as makeup mixer makeup hack

Rather than purchasing a separate mixing medium to get maximum impact out of your eye pigments, you can just use eye drops. Not only are they guaranteed to be ophthalmologically safe, but they come in a handy dropper dispenser.

Add Oil To Foundation

oil in foundation makeup hack

It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but it’s actually a recipe for the most natural, dewy makeup of your life. Add just one tiny drop to a pump of foundation to make it glide over skin, sink in and look perfectly imperceptible.

Use Lube As Primer

lube as primer makeup hack huda beauty

If you want makeup to apply flawlessly and skin to look airbrushed, consider the humble KY Jelly. It’s high in glycerin which becomes smooth and tacky on application, meaning foundation will glide on and really stick down. Just maybe don’t mention that you’re wearing lube on your face.

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