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Our Top 10 Youtube Trends & Hacks



Youtube trends are fun, it’s a fact. Perhaps not always the safest but definitely always the most inventive, we like the pioneering attitude that these gurus display! As a throwback, we’ve rounded up the top ten beauty trends that theYouTube community have offered us - sometimes mind-boggling, sometimes glorious, at times downright questionable, but they’re always entertaining. Here’s to the trailblazers.



  1. Ice water and Powder Setting Hack


Ice Water Powder Hack 

This hack promises to set your base makeup perfectly - through a slightly unconventional method. Beauty Youtubers start by covering their freshly laid foundation and concealer in a heavy helping of baby powder, and when they are fully prepared, they dunk their faces into a bowl of ice cold water. The effect of the water on the powder is said to contract, dry and form a thin veil over the face, thus making the look long-wearing.


  1. 100 Layers Of…

 Top Ten Youtube Beauty Trends and Hacks

This viral challenge saw the good, the bad and the ugly from our favourite Youtubers. Ranging from 100 layers of liquid lipstick (cakey and horrifying) to 100 layers of highlighter (far nicer but unkind on the pores), we imagine the novelty wears off for the participant shortly after layer 20… This is the stuff of pre-teen sleepover messes, and it’s truly entertaining to watch.


  1. Face-Shrinking Roller

 Top Ten Youtube Beauty Trends and Hacks

This product sounds like a torture device, but it is just one of hundreds of new, unorthodox makeup tools, that caught Youtube’s eye. This roller’s metal barrel is pre-cooled before the user rolls it all over their skin, and apparently it’s perfect to tone, tighten and soothe your face. Massaging your face in the right directions can help with circulation and lymphatic drainage, but this sci-fi device is kind of intimidating. The Youtubers who tried it out all report a surprisingly refreshing and relaxing experience.


  1. Eyeliner Using Tape

Top Ten Youtube Beauty Trends and Hacks 

This trend revolutionised the process of winging liner for many makeup lovers. The beauty hack went viral when we all realised how easy eyeliner became when there was a guide to keep it in check. Gurus suggest that users “de-stick” the tape by weakening it on arms or legs beforehand to avoid pulling at the delicate skin around the eye. This popular hack was the catalyst for many new products, such as liner stencils.


  1. Lip Tattoos

 Top Ten Youtube Beauty Trends and Hacks

As a new way to make makeup both more convenient and more avant-garde, lip tattoos became a huge Youtube trend. With a paste on/peel off application and removal process, these intricate and daring designs were meant to create vibrant, glam and futuristic looks. In the process of understanding the fragile items, however, many Youtubers botched the application and as such these gained a “love it or hate it” reputation. Still, extremely fun to watch and admire.


  1. Korean Makeup Haul

 Top Ten Youtube Beauty Trends and Hacks

An incredibly popular video to make, Youtubers have been celebrating the huge, advanced and nuanced range of cosmetics that hail from Korea; arguably the new beauty capital of the world. These innovative and intriguing products from overseas, help many Westerners swap their sparkling, contoured, Instagram-ready glamour for the elegant, subtle and fresh-faced popular style found in Korea. Items include amazing two-toned lipsticks for the “bitten” lip look, and fabulous BB creams for the “no-makeup” look.


  1. Lip Contouring

 Top Ten Youtube Beauty Trends and Hacks

Sparked by celebrities with gorgeous smiles, and evolving from the 90’s trend of statement lip liner paired with gloss, this Youtube trend is all about the pout. Vloggers made videos ranging from tips on how to contour and highlight your lips for plumping, to testing products that suctioned the mouth to inflate them. Whatever your pout preference, there surely was a perfect tip for you.


  1. 24k Gold Face Mask

 Top Ten Youtube Beauty Trends and Hacks

We love basking in the light from this luxurious trend. Youtubers who treat themselves to these various gold-infused products help us to explore extremely high end cosmetics without any price tag attached. Taking their place as most popular are the 24 karat mixtures, and the bare gold leaf sheet mask. The benefits of this regal treatment include wrinkle reduction, skin stimulation, and increased skin elasticity.


  1. Colour Correcting With Lipstick

 Top Ten Youtube Beauty Trends and Hacks

A real last-minute trick, this trend became popular via hearsay that it worked, and suddenly beauty Youtubers left, right, and centre were daubing bright red lipstick under their eyes to conceal dark circles. Bright red, as many found out, was a mistake depending on their skin tone - but the essential philosophy was bang on.


  1. Extreme Contouring

Top Ten Youtube Beauty Trends and Hacks 

For a moment in time, it seemed you couldn’t turn anywhere without seeing a beauty guru attempt “clown contouring”. The trend became so popular it spilled out of Youtube and spread to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The ambitious principle was that all stages of base makeup could be applied at once, and with the help of blush and mint colour corrector, the finished product would look considerably clowny before blending. This was a great opportunity for bloggers to get creative, and it left our jaws on the floor when the finished product actually worked!

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