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Our Top 5 Body Glow Products

As summer rolls around, formerly hidden body parts emerge, blinking, into the sunlight. Luckily, a new category of products are giving winter limbs, collarbones and shoulders the quick fix they need. We’re talking body glow, and we’re not just talking Fenty (even though we kind of are)

Best for a Subtle Sheen - Glossier - Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream

Glossier Body Glow

This option offers no real pigment, but instead delivers top hydration with a hint of light reflection. The result? A highlight so subtle that is basically just looks like really good skin. It hydrates and smells like neroli, making it a perfect pick for summertime.

Best for Full Wattage- Fenty Beauty - Body Lava

Fenty Beauty Body Glow

This freshly hyped offering comes in two shades (Who Needs Clothes: a paler peach and Brown Sugar: a warmer bronze) and cleverly caters to every skin tone (Fenty we salute you). If you want to seriously glow, this is the product for you. Packed with micro-fine pigments that don’t read as shimmer, but instead make your skin look infinitely smooth and luminously reflective. Pricey and difficult to get hold of? Yes. Worth it? Hell yes.

Best for a Refined Effect -  Charlotte Tilbury - Supermodel Body

Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body Glow

This comes in a universal sheer sheen which leans neither too warm or too cool. It also has fabulous packaging – a rollerball reminiscent of school disco days – but the effect is neither glittery nor obviously product reliant. Instead, it makes you look smooth, hydrated and glowy. The formula also boasts menthol and caffeine, to deliver cooling and tightening action at the same time.

Best for a Bargain - Dove  - DermaSpa Body OiI

Dove Derma Spa Oil

We can always rely on Dove to keep us hydrated, so we were super excited to try their new DermaSpa body oil. DermaSpa is their slightly swankier range and is seriously nourishing. This gorgeous oil comes with shimmer rather than glitter, and has a gorgeous gold and champagne sheen, making it great for all skin tones. This oil is the low key way to channel Fenty’s Body Lava.

Best For Coverage - Sally Hansen - Airbrush Legs

Sally Hansen Airbrushed Legs

If you have veins, scars or generally “flawed” skin – and let’s face it, we all do – this is a great quick fix to transition out of a winter spent in tights. It sprays on, offering a hint of coverage and a glowy, moisturised effect. It comes in four shades from fair to deep and somehow manages to resist water, whilst being easy to remove.


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