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Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago aka Bad Blogger

Elvira is one of the most beautiful people you’ll ever meet and as lovely on the inside as she is on the out. Graceful, edgy and oozing with kindness, Elvira has the best style, so we just knew we had to interview her for our next Slapp Chat.

With the launch of her female focused biannual newspaper, PostScript, only days away, we got chatting to the model, muse and all-round good gal, to talk beauty, freelancing and hanging out with Drake.


Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago


Elvira Vedelago

Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago

Where are you from?

I’m originally half Nigerian and half Italian.

Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago

What do you do?

I’m a model and content creator.

Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago

What’s your day to day like?

Being freelance, my days can look completely different from one another. Generally I get up around 7.30 am, work through my emails and get myself geared for my day. Then it’s a mixture of drafting or shooting blog posts for my own blog, consultations with clients about their brands or any content I’m creating for them, shoots for brands or work on my own personal projects.  

Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago

What has been your greatest achievement in your career so far?

Being in the Drake ‘Nice For What’ video was pretty big, ha! But I think it was making the jump into freelance life and becoming my own boss. It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but also the most rewarding.

Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago

What advice would you give to other girls and guys looking to get into creative industries?

Spend time researching and playing around with all your ideas, interests and passions - this will give you a better idea of what you’re truly motivated by, so then you can narrow down your focus. Also be ready to hustle and grind for a while, so developing a sense of patience and faith is key to last the long haul.

Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago

We’re obsessed with your Instagram! What inspires your posts and what top tip would you recommend for getting a great pic?

Aw thanks! A friend gave me some advice a while ago, that before you post something on Instagram, ask yourself what the point of that picture is or why you want to post it. If you can’t come up with a clear answer, then it’s probably not worth posting. I’ve followed her advice ever since. When it comes to getting a great picture, don’t follow the crowd. Be creative and unique in what you’re snapping or how you’re snapping it, to form your own visual identity. Essentially just be yourself.

Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago


What are your experiences of diversity in the industry?

They have been lacking, but I have to admit, I am aware that things are changing and brands are starting to become more conscious of the importance and necessity of inclusivity. However, we are only at the beginning of this change and there is a long way still to go!

Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago


What inspires you?

The opportunities I come across that cultivate new experiences for myself, giving me the chance to learn and grow. If I’m not growing, I’m not progressing. If I’m not progressing, I’m unfulfilled. Progression doesn’t mean a mammoth leap in my career - it can be the smallest of victories, such has having my mind open to a new perception simply by visiting an exciting exhibition, reading an interesting book or travelling to a new destination.  

Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago


Who is your beauty muse?

My mother. She has flawless skin and looks stunning without any makeup on. Melanin on fleek!

Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago

How do you stay healthy, body and mind?

By allocating time to switch off. When you’re your own boss, you feel responsible for your time and so it’s easy to convince yourself that you have to be working at all hours of the day to make your money. However, I quickly learned that that was detrimental to my health and now schedule time when I don’t do anything other than enjoy myself. I go to a yoga class, read my favourite magazine, nap even! Time away from everything is just as important to give deeper clarity and feed your creative well.

Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago

Beauty is....

An abstract concept, so ultimately you hold the power to define it however you wish.  

Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago

Would you share an early beauty memory or a biggest beauty mistake with us?

Plucking my eyebrows way too thin as a teenager because I was so embarrassed of my big, bushy brows (they weren’t trendy back in the 00s). It didn’t suit my face shape and I looked ridiculous but I fell victim to the concept of beauty the media was pushing back then. I try not to buy into others perception of what is beautiful now and fully embrace my statement eyebrows!

Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago


What’s your signature beauty look?

I’m a barely there kinda gal, so concealer, powder, mascara and a ‘Taupe’ lipstick from Mac.

Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago

If you could only Slapp on one beauty product, what would it be?

Mascara - it’s a game changer!

Slapp Chat with Elvira Vedelago

What’s next for you?

I’m launching a biannual newspaper called POSTSCRIPT, which will explore the complexities and lifestyles of women of culture in the modern world. Can’t wait!

Follow Elvira: @bdblggr

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