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The Lip Balms, Liquid Lipsticks and Lip Tints We Love

Spring has been teasing us with its sunny rays for weeks now; but it’s still fricking freezing! Unsurprisingly our lips are bored of standard lip balms. Thankfully some of our fave brands are on a mission to rethink how we keep our lips looking luscious. Case in point, Pat McGrath, who has created the most luxurious lip balm around. Other faves include the Noto Botanics Multi-Benne tint, a petite  pepperminty pot of goodness.


Chanel Palette Levres


Ditch lip balms and lip scrubs immediately. Ditch red lipsticks, too. The newest Chanel Palette Levres contains everything you ever wanted from a lip product. The dense balm provides perfect coverage. Adieu crumbling skin, adieu cracks! The crimson powder adds a rich finish and is great fun to put it on. There’s something beautiful about slowly adding heaps and heaps of fiery red dust onto the nude base. The end result is absurdly great. The pigmentation is incredible. Staining is a real problem, but if we were to leave lipstick traces wherever we went, we’d sure as hell want it to be the remnants of this lip palette.

Clinique Pop Oil & Cheek Glow


This lip oil rests on a rather simple promise. It only contains a few ingredients: safflower, jojoba and sunflower oil, but this trio nourish your lips like nothing else. Slather it on, add some more, feast your eyes on the incredibly shiny finish. The difference is immediately noticeable. No matter how rugged and chapped your lips might be, Pop Oil and Cheek Glow is the product to reach for. Reapply whenever and wherever necessary. Try not to spill it. Or do, it smells amazing anyway.

Pat McGrath Lip Fetish

Pat McGrath Lip Balm

It’s hard to envisage an everyday staple like lip balm as a luxury item, but that is what Pat McGrath does so well. With every launch, Pat has us rethinking the beauty products we own and the ones we need to own. According to the fashion world’s go-to makeup artist, something as insignificant as a balm can be opulent. Her version comes in a breathtaking white-gold tube; sealed with her signature gold kiss.. As to whether the cream inside is truly as fantastic as it is made to seem, we can only say one thing. Knowing McGrath’s former works, it’s most likely even better than that.

Kat Von D Everlasting Glimmer Veil

It’s near impossible to find lip tints with extraordinary colours, but this is precisely what Kat Von D’s newest launch does so well. The aquamarine blue Satellite, looks as bright as a Hockney poolside. The fiery crimson Dazzle and the orange Rocker, are so vivid they almost bite back. There are some further, somewhat unusual additions, such as the gold glitter specked black Wizard and the bright purple Razzle. What we love most about the Everlasting Glimmer? It lasts throughout the night. No need to reapply.


Milani Amore Matte Metallic Liquid Lipstick

Take a leap back to the noughties! Milani’s Matte Metallic Lip is the perfect low key way of channelling that noughties shimmer.  We’re obsessed with their beutrals and browns, which immediately elevate these otherwise ‘safe’ shades. They dry down in seconds to leave a matte lip with a metallic sheen.

Wear it with a lip liner underneath or just by itself and expect heads to turn round. Go generous for a Geri Halliwell cca. 1997 look, or use a little less to achieve just the right amount of glow. Either way, this is nostalgic extravaganza in a small bottle.


Noto Botanics, Multi Benne Tint

Oh Noto multi benne, how do we count the ways we love you?! We’d be surprised if you hadn’t heard of Noto. We bang on about it enough, but for good reason. This wholly organic Californian brand is bringing sexy back to natural beauty, one pretty pot at a time. Noto’s multi benne is a multi purpose tint to bring life back to lacklustre lips and cheeks. One dip into this baby is enough to give lips (and cheeks,) a wash of colour, with no sticky residue.

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