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CND's Weekly Manicure + Nude Nails For Everyone

Nail polish and care can be a bit of a minefield, particularly if you’re salon-shy or time-strapped. Painting your own nails requires a steady hand, and acceptance of the fact that they’ll probably chip or smudge before the day’s out. Enter CND.

CND have just launched a new Weekly Polish, which, designed to make your polish last for a week.

CND Nudes

We tried the shades Unmasked (a warm beige) and Unlocked, (a pale taupe lilac.) which were launched as part of their ‘Nudes’ collection - featuring four nudes to flatter all skin tones. Music to our ears! Fittingly, all four nudes are colours that will look good with any outfit, for any event, making them ideal as ‘weekly’ shades.

Weekly CND weekly nude cnd

They come with a wide, rounded brush, in a smooth and creamy formula. To get that a weekly wear, seal your favourite shade with CND’s Weekly Top Coat, a topcoat so badass it comes in black packaging.

best top coat

This glides on like a thin veil, but still gives a glass-like shine, and truly does help your polish last. (Top tip: you can also use this topcoat on less hardcore polishes to amp up their lasting power.)

rescue rx

Also up CND’s sleeve is their RescueRX. This is a nail strengthener, and works almost like a cuticle oil for the nail. Painted on and massaged in, nails instantly look more hydrated and sheeny, and over time this can seriously mitigate peeling and white spots; whilst making sure nails are less prone to breakage.

It contains sweet almond and jojoba oils alongside hydrolysed keratin, and smells like cake! Just like their deliciously scented Solar cuticle oil.

cuticle oil

This is a cult classic, and has won so many awards. And we can see why: it’s lightweight but offers deep hydration, without leaving behind the greasy fingers.

So while you’re waiting for the summer holidays, when you can wear your brightest corals and lemons, this is the ideal at home kit to get your nails ready for an onslaught of sea and sand; whilst keeping you looking very chic and together.

Happy days!

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