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Our Top 5 Glossier Products

If there’s ever been a brand to totally take over your Instagram feed, it must surely be Glossier. Started by ex-Hills star Emily Weiss, Glossier is the brand sister of beauty blog Into The Gloss. And as you’d expect, it’s the epitome of that minimal and effortless aesthetic – think clean, dewy skin, millennial pink packaging and free stickers with every order.

But do the products live up to the hype? As with any beauty brand, not all products are created equal. Here is a countdown of five of our favourites.

  1. Boy Brow

Top 5 Glossier Products

Boy Brow is Glossier’s hands-down best seller and for good reason. If you’re a fan of a more natural, hairy looking brow, this is for you. Add colour, volume and tame your brows into shape for a few flicks of the wrist. So what makes it so good? Its tiny brush, dutifully grabs small hairs and its dainty head minimises potential for mistakes. It also offers a waxy, but natural hold, which is much more flattering.

  1. Haloscope

Top 5 Glossier Products

These dew-effect highlighters offer a combination of crystal pigment (moonstone, rose quartz or topaz) and an oil core for a moisturising sheen. They’re extremely similar to RMS’ Living Luminizer, but with more product for less money. They’re also super easy to apply and carry around in your Slapp bag.

  1. Milky Jelly Cleanser

Top 5 Glossier Products

This cleanser seems to get a bad rep, as it’s really not for everyone. If you have sensitive skin we would definitely steer clear, but if your skin is rather resilient and you like to be left squeaky clean, this is for you. It’s very good at removing makeup, meaning you can eschew the double cleanse. The pump makes life easier and the texture is just thick enough to be satisfying.

  1. Cloud Paint

Top 5 Glossier Products

Although slightly more annoying to use than a traditional cream formula, we still reach for the Cloud Paint. You need literally a pinhead amount of any shade, for great colour pay-off and there’s a shade for everyone.

  1. Stretch Concealer

Find Your Match Glossier COncealer Slapp

Of all the Glossier products, we’re least confident we could find a dupe for this. It’s an extremely dewy and emollient concealer, which lasts fairly well throughout the day. As well as concealing, this works as a lovely foundation buffed all over the skin. It adds a medium coverage but literally looks like you’re bare faced. Pretty magical stuff.

Find your match in the My Matches page in the Slapp App.

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