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Festival Beauty Volume 3: TLC

We’re all guilty of forgetting to show ourselves some love, particularly during festival season. The third and final instalment of our festival beauty series is all about giving yourself some much-needed TLC.

Sunburn, muddiness and chapped lips, are a definite no. You don’t need to be glamping to feel glamorous. With these products, you can rest assured that your skin is being cared for.


 Festival TLC - Beauty Products -  Slapp

Carmex - Cherry Moisturising Lip Balm SPF15- £2.59 - Superdrug

We’re sure we don’t need to introduce this iconic brand, but it always bears repeating that Carmex lip balms have been a beauty staple, since the brand existed, y’know? With a super effective and revitalising formula, you will feel your lips soften immediately. The delicious cherry flavour and built-in SPF, are an added bonus.

Festival TLC - Beauty Products -  Slapp

Merci Handy - Hand Cleansing Gel - £3 - Topshop

Being at a festival is guaranteed to make you realise how much you appreciate soap. Luckily, Merci Handy have created a stylish range of anti-bacterial hand gels, which are all so cute and compact, that they fit into just about anything.


 Festival TLC - Beauty Products -  Slapp

Merci Handy - Refreshing Face Mist - £5 - Topshop

Housed in a handbag-sized aerosol can, Merci Handy have scored again stellar face mist. To say this facial mist is soft, would be an understatement. This feels as soft as silk, and the scent is gorgeous.This microfine cloud of hydration, softly covers you in a cold, refreshing, floral scent; and is perfect to carry in pockets, or small bags.You’ll have to keep this one a secret, or your friends will be stealing it!

Festival TLC - Beauty Products -  Slapp

Garnier - Ambre Solaire -  Clear & Protect Spray SPF30 - £7 - Boots

Good sun care is crucial to surviving a festival. It’s easy to forget to apply lotion, which is what makes a 100% transparent sun protection spray - like this one by Garnier - extra handy. With a non-sticky, non-creamy, and easily rubbed in formula, this clear spray is nothing like the unappealing cold white gloop of our childhoods. It is waterproof and contains UVA and UVB filters to provide you with safety in the sun, that future you will thank you for.

Festival TLC - Beauty Products -  Slapp

Yes To -  Coconut Hydrate & Restore Cleansing Wipes -£4 - Beauty Bay

After a long day of crowd-surfing, your makeup will need smooth and soothing removal, and who’s got the luggage space to pack micellar water and cotton pads? Makeup wipes are fantastic for festivals, but they can often be harsh on the skin. These affordable Yes To wipes, are richly infused with Kukui Nut and Coconut extracts, that are kind to the skin, and safe to use all over the body.

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