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Introducing blendSMART: The Rotating Makeup Brush

New and exclusive to Slapp in the UK comes blendSMART, the rotating foundation brush.

Whether you're new to blending; need the perfect gift for the beauty-addict in your life; or finally want to achieve a flawless, streak-free finish: blendSMART has you covered.

blendSMART foundation brush wit heads buy online UK

This awesome beauty gadget spins at 190RPM, to mimic the effect of a makeup-artist's professional buffing skills, and the Starter Set (£65) comes with the automated brush handle, foundation head and 1 year warranty.

blendSMART foundation brush wit heads buy online UK

It's really the ideal travel companion: allowing you to leave all of your brushes at home and simply swap heads. 

If you're going to wear base, why not ensure it's buffed to perfection.

Shop blendSMART exclusively at Slapp.

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