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  • The problem with the new Dior beauty line. (Only kidding. Kind of)

    So if you follow Slapp, every now and then I’ll rant about Dior and their lack of inclusivity in our Stories (@slappldn). I wrote this after placing my online order for the new Dior Backstage Foundation.  I was beyond happy at the announcement, and remain eager and excited to try it. But as I wa... View Post
  • Our Top 5 Glossier Products

    If there’s ever been a brand to totally take over your Instagram feed, it must surely be Glossier. Started by ex-Hills star Emily Weiss, Glossier is the brand sister of beauty blog Into The Gloss. And as you’d expect, it’s the epitome of that minimal and effortless aesthetic – think clean, dewy s... View Post
  • Slapp Chat with... Wendy Asumadu

    52 posts in and Wendy Asumadu is already making waves on Instagram. Loved for her creative use of colour and up-close candid shots, Wendy has helped us reimagine what we do with our palettes and has us hankering after festival season with every post. Fearlessly eccentric and an advocate of self-l... View Post
  • Signature Slapp

    Late last year the insta fatigue was real, so we decided to take a break. Our founder Jamila spent weeks researching analogue video and photography, as a way to showcase our signature makeup looks of the moment.  She discovered the Lomokino camera from Lomography: a windup video camera, that was... View Post
  • Introducing blendSMART: The Rotating Makeup Brush

    New and exclusive to Slapp in the UK comes blendSMART, the rotating foundation brush. Whether you're new to blending; need the perfect gift for the beauty-addict in your life; or finally want to achieve a flawless, streak-free finish: blendSMART has you covered. This awesome beauty gadget sp... View Post
  • Pucker Up: It’s Party Season

    You’ve no doubt seen the sheet selfie phenomenon: BFFs, celebs on private planes, or you at home in your PJs; 2017 was definitely the year of the sheet mask selfie, and it seems we haven’t quite got our fill of quirky korean skincare rituals. Kickstarted by KNC founder, Kristen Noel Crawley: w... View Post
  • Slapp Chat with Aoife McDermott, Artist and Illustrator

    Aoife McDermott’s art is an irresistible mix of space-aged vibrancy and cute vintage pin-up. She’s based in Ireland, goes by the name Barbarella Bunny and dedicates her creations to toying with, bending and breaking the rules for girls. This creator is unafraid of colour, so it’s hardly surprisin... View Post
  • Slapp Chat with Authentically Ella, Lifestyle Blogger and Tunnel Engineer

    Authentically Ella is the epitome of a millennial multi-tasker, balancing a career as a Tunnel Engineer whilst maintaining a thriving fashion and beauty blog. As the icing on the cake, the Irish stunner is even undergoing a part-time Masters degree and is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering ... View Post