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New Slapp: Illamasqua

Illamasqua is an OG on the London makeup scene, but the pro makeup brand has somehow managed to stay under the radar.


Loved by Drag Queens and Makeup artists alike, Illamasqua is your go-to for innovative formulas and proper pigment. .

We're thrilled to announce their launch in the app.

So far, we have their incredible highlighter powders and new concealer pen.*

Illamasqua Highlighters Slapp

You can find your Illamasqua matches in the app (see: ‘My Matches'); but in the meantime, here are a few of our favourite looks, created by team Illamasqua and you.

Deity Highlighter


@themermaidchapters in the Daze Highlighter

The Concealer Pen

New Slapp Illamasqua

Beyond Powder-OMG

New Slapp Illamasqua


New Slapp Illamasqua

Beyond Powder - OMG

Beyond Powder

Munroe Bergdorf

New Slapp Illamasqua

Download the Slapp app.


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