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Super Fast Party Prep 02: Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Rosie H-W is one of our all-time favourite models. She's just so goddam gorgeous and her Snaps are awesome, if you want a makeup collection to lust over (although she's mainly on Insta stories these days.)

We love Rosie in this 80s inspired Balmain look. The one shouldered velvet top screams party season and the tassel earrings bring the whole look together. 

Her OTT golden blush is perfect for channeling eighties excess whilst the dewy skin is bang on for how we wear makeup now. Finished with a little liner and lipgloss and you're good to go.

Get the Look:


Once you've prepped your skin with moisturiser and primer, an illuminating foundation is the quickest way to cheat Rosie's glow. We love Vepour's Soft Focus Foundation, a liquid formula blended with their illuminating stratus serum. 

Charlotte Tilbury Beachsticks Coral BEachstick Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury's Beach Sticks are the perfect way to get Rosie's bold blusher.

Opt for Formentera if you're fair skinned, or Es Vedra, for medium to rich complexions.

Elizabeth Arden Lipgloss

Finish, with a gorgeous lipgloss for a disco vibe. We're still obsessed with Elizabeth Arden's Beautiful Colour Lipgloss in Diamond or Rose Cream. 

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