Slapp Chat: Jessica Deborah, Founder of Blogging network FBL Bloggers

As a digital savant Jess feels right at home in the blogging sphere, launching an online network in 2012 called FBL: Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle bloggers, which has since become the go-to hub for bloggers and brands to easily connect. Her blogging journey started off with her personal lifestyle blog Look What I Got, as a platform to express her bursting creativity and fashion obsessions.

We caught up with the London beauty to find out more about her two growing platforms and how her love for the arts fuelled her interest for beauty.

Where are you from? 
I am from London, specifically West London. London flows through my veins and I love the diversity of my city. 


What would you say defines your style?

Hmm, tricky. My style is very aloof. I don't really think about it that much; I like what I like. But if I really had to define it, I'd say feminine with an edge. Bodycon dress, with a leather jacket and ankle boots has me written all over it. 


Slapp Chats to FBL Bloggers Founder Jessica Deborah 


How did you get into fashion and beauty blogging and what would you say 
are the benefits of having a platform to share your thoughts with the world?

By accident! I have always had an interest in fashion, and I wanted to learn about beauty. I have an arts background and am naturally creative, but creating a masterpiece on a canvas is definitely different from creating one on the face. Additionally, there weren’t many women of colour (there still aren’t) on. 


Slapp Chats to FBL Bloggers Founder Jessica


How did the idea for FBL Bloggers Network come about?

Well firstly, I wanted blogger friends. All my friends and family supported my blogging journey, but didn't understand it. Also, after a year of blogging, I had acquired a lot of knowledge and wanted to share it with like-minded bloggers/ YouTubers, as well as creating a haven for bloggers who blogged outside fashion and beauty. 


What has been the greatest achievement in your career so far?

So tough, well I think launching the FBL Bloggers merchandise. We are launching sports watches to the brand portfolio. 


With so much experience in the blogging industry, what advice would you give
to young girls and guys starting up their own blogs?

Stay true to yourself and always create content you are proud of.


Slapp Chats to FBL Bloggers Founder Jessica


What’s a typical day like for you?

It isn't very typical! If I am not working in my social media manager role, I am working on projects for my blog or FBL Bloggers. Other than that I am socialising with friends.


What are your experiences of diversity in the fashion/beauty industry?

Very low, I mean Gracie Francesca, Patricia Bright, Michelle Phan and the rest are making a difference. In general in terms of race, size and even gender, there is a need for more diversity.


Slapp Chats to FBL Bloggers Founder Jessica


What inspires you?

People. I am a massive extrovert and the energy of like-minded people inspires me and gets my creative juices flowing. 


Slapp Chats to FBL Bloggers Founder Jessica 


Would you share an early beauty memory or a biggest beauty mistake with us?

I guess my earliest beauty memory is probably watching my mum apply make up for a work or a family function. I watched in awe as she carefully applied her favourite plum lipstick, which she wears today, along with her mascara and the precision she would do with it. She was the driving factor with my makeup obsession. 


If you could only slap on one beauty product, what would it be?

Definitely lipstick. I own nearly 70  :) 


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