Slapp Chat Soho with Altea, Amber & Denisa

The thing we love about London is how diverse it is. You never know who you’re going to meet. We wandered around town on the hunt for inspiration - and got to chatting with these beauties.

Slapp Chat with Altea

Slapp Chat Altea Cool Girl Phillipines London Beauty Style


We really love your style, what would you say defines it?

I love vintage shops, I go there looking for glasses.

I love make-up too, my main focus is my lips so I try and buy different products for that all the time.

What is your earliest beauty blunder?

When I was 16/17 in Sixth Form, I was trying to do my eyebrows for the first time - I accidentally used the colour black which was too much and definitely didn't work out. Also using a foundation that was far too light for me, or too cakey, as I have combination skin - I just didn't know what to do. I had to ask my friends for help. They told me to look at Youtube tutorials to see what to do and what brands to get which really helped out.

Who are your favourite youtubers?

I don't follow specific people I normally just search for a certain look.

What do you think defines London style?

I think it is very street, but chic and classy at the same time. One time my friend called me classy but trashy, when we used to go to clubs trying to look fabulous!

NYX Lipsticks

If you could only Slapp on one product before leaving the house what would you choose?

Definitely NYX - I love their lipsticks. They are really matte but don't dry your lips.  

What foundation do you wear?

Estee Lauder Double Wear in Tawny

Estee Lauder DOuble Wear Foundation Match Slapp App

Slapp Chat with Amber

Slapp Chat Interview Beauty Makeup Inspiration

What do you do?

I'm still in school

What has brought you to Soho today?

I really wanted to meet Connie (Noodlella on Youtube). I love her videos - she is really positive and lifts people up!


What would you say are your best beauty tips & tricks?

I like winged eyeliner as it extenuates the shape of my eyes.


Where do you get your beauty inspiration?

Sometimes YouTube and different current trends, then I mash them all into one.

What would you say defines your beauty look?

It's quite different, I don't think a lot of people would do the same as me. I prefer a quirkier look to the natural thing.

What would you say is your earliest beauty blunder?

I used to get bought little Claire's Accessories makeup sets for my birthday which I enjoyed going to town with!

How do you find shopping for foundation?

Sometimes it is really hard as you don't always know what colour you are and you're not always allowed to swatch. I normally try and just wing it.

Zoeve eyeliner

If you could only Slapp on one product what would it be?

Probably some eyeliner

And a few Quickfire Qs…

Foundation or Concealer?


Sponge or Brush?


Red or Nude?


Lips or Eyes?


Highlight or Contour?


Boy brow or On-Fleek brow?


Slapp Chat with Denisa - MUA

Slapp App Chat Interview Denisa MUA


Why did you decide to get into makeup?

I always used to dream about makeup when I was young, and I started with nails about 12 years ago and it has just carried on from there!


We're seeing lots of great skin still on the catwalk, what are your tips for getting the best base?

The best thing is to really prep your skin before your base. It's the most important thing. Lots of moisturiser before foundation. I tend to skip the Primer step as it just adds another unnecessary layer.

What is your favourite tool to to achieve a great finish? Sponge or brush?

It depends on the foundation but I do love a brush, and also the Beauty Blender! It is amazing!

What looks are you loving for Spring/Summer?

I really love beach colours as they are amazing on any skintone. Peachy blusher and bronzer.

charlotte Tilbury bronze glow

If you could only Slapp on one product before leaving the house what would you choose?

The Charlotte Tilbrury Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette. It is great!

And a few Quickfire Qs...

Red or Nude?


Lips or Eyes?


Highlight or Contour?


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