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Slapp Chat with Dodo Potato, Blogger and Avant-Garde Ice Cream Pro

Studying Theology at university, working with liquid nitrogen ice cream, and running a blog under the name “Dodo Potato”; it’s all in a day’s work for Dodo. With drag-inspired makeup and flawless ensembles for days, we love her outspokenness and unique taste. Championing diversity and individuality, she’s a woman after our own hearts. In her free time you’ll find her creating eye-catching new looks, so she’s not one to miss. We caught up with Dodo, to chat friendship, self-care, and brave beauty.


 Slapp Chat Dodo Potato


First of all, where does the name Dodo Potato come from?

Well, Dodo is my first name, and Potato was actually a nickname I picked up for myself years ago, it’s just stuck ever since and I keep using it!


Slapp Chat with Dodo Potato 

What’s it like working with liquid nitro ice cream?

It’s so great because I used to be a regular customer at Chin Chin Labs! Since about six or seven years ago I used to go every single week, because that’s when they’d rotate the flavours. Instead of me paying them, they’re finally paying me to eat ice cream! It’s perfect as well because I could fit it in part-time around my study of Theology at uni. I know it seems like a random combination…

 Slapp Chat with Dodo Potato Chin Chin


What drew you to blogging?

Since I was twelve or so I was really into various different fashions, I got super into Japanese fashion around then, and I’ve been blogging here and there on and off since I was at least fifteen. It’s lovely to have made a community with all my friends online too. I think I like blogging so much because it’s a really good way to sort out my thoughts and get them out there.


Slapp Chat with Dodo Potato 

What has been your experience of diversity in the beauty industry?

Well, obviously there’s not been that much representation of Asians in the beauty industry. Now suddenly there’s a huge surge in the Korean beauty trend, but I feel weird about it; so many people at the forefront aren’t doing any research or understanding it. Also, I’m pretty light skinned, so it’s easy for me with makeup, but even though a lot of brands have started to stock more inclusive shades it feels disingenuous, because they often only fix their issues after lots of backlash.


Slapp Chat with Dodo Potato 

What keeps you motivated?

Mainly my friends motivate me, not even through them specifically telling me to do stuff, but through seeing them doing well. I’m always so proud and want to do well too, to make them proud.


Slapp Chat with Dodo Potato 

How would you describe your style?

A lot of the time I’d say it’s just streetwear. But kind of cutesy. And kind of a slut!


Slapp Chat with Dodo Potato 

What’s beautiful to you?

I’ve never really thought about it… this is kind of cheesy, but when I see something I just know? You get that feeling.


Slapp Chat with Dodo Potato 

Who, if anyone, are your beauty muses?

One of my huge muses, that people also say I look like, is Michelle Moé on Instagram. She inspires me to keep thinking out of the box with makeup and doing things even if others find them weird. I also love drag queens like Kim Chi.


Slapp Chat with Dodo Potato 

Can you share an early beauty memory or mistake with us?

I’ve had such a long struggle with my eyebrows; Asian eyebrows are thick but really sparse, so when the trend was thin eyebrows I didn’t know how to make it work and I  nearly ended up shaving them off! It’s funny, because now I actually intentionally shave them. I’m getting into more drag makeup and it’s so much easier to do without them.

 Slapp Chat with Dodo Potato


How do you keep healthy, body and mind?

This has actually been a goal of mine this year - to be good to myself. I think the best way is not to punish yourself. If you wanna eat two happy meals in one day just do it. That said, at the same time if my body is telling me I need salad, I need salad. It really helps your mindset to not be harsh to yourself.


 Slapp Chat with Dodo Potato

If you could only Slapp On one beauty product which would it be?

That is so tough… I feel like I’d have to go for Snail Gel. I use one by Mizon, and it’s so great and moisturising, it sets the base for everything else.


Slapp Chat with Dodo Potato 

Do you have any advice for young creatives?

Just don’t give a fuck about what other people think. I’ve really struggled with what people think of me, but one day I was like “why do I care so much?”. It’s hard, but really, it’s just a case of you-do-you.

 Slapp Chat with Dodo Potato


Follow Dodo: @dodopotato


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